Yoga Philosophy

yoga philosophy

The term philosophy means “love of wisdom”. Philosophy is a way of thinking about particular topics like thought, ethics, existence, meaning, value and time. Philosophy is an exercise people practice to gain knowledge about fundamental truths about themselves, the world and their relationships with each other. Yoga philosophy is also ethics, existence, meaning of yoga.

Major areas of study

ashta siddhi
  • Metaphysics: It is a study of nature of reality, existence, etc. In this study people asks questions like- Is there a God? What is a person?
  • Epistemology: This study is about knowledge and is concerned with what is there to know about the world. Questions asked in this study are- What is knowledge?
  • Ethics: This study is concerned with larger issues of what is right or what is good and what is not?
  • Logic: This is the study of nature and structure of the arguments.
  • History of Philosophy: In this study one can answer the questions in their own way but also seek to understand the way in which other people have answered.

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