Top 4 yoga poses to reduce diabetes

Hey, guys so you’ve read the title and you Clicked on it so you already know that what This blog is about ‘Diabetes’ is a term which we all have heard and some of us is living with ‘Diabetes’ i know dealing with ‘Diabetes’ can be so hard for us that is why today am going to tell you the benefits of our ancient yoga poses (Asanas) that 4 Yoga pose to reduce diabetes you might be thinking about the poses now?

These are the 4 poses to reduces diabetes

  1. Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose
    Basically you might be thinking in your mind that what is this pose and what are the benefits of this pose right? this is the most effective yoga pose to reduce diabetes/blood sugar level.
    So this is a twisted pose which stimulates the Abdominal organs which may help you to reduce your diabetes/lower blood sugar level and not only this it will also give a boost to your energy levels and help to improve digestion.

These muscles worked in this activity

1.) Rhomboids
2.) Serratus anterior
3.) Erector Spinae
4.) pectoralis major
5.) Psoas

How to perform this?

(Here is a suggestion while performing any of the poses (asanas) I suggest you ask for the help of your professional yoga teacher trainer)

Step 1 – While in a leg over leg position, hurry your correct foot to the outside of your left hip.

Step 2 -Traverse your correct leg, so your left foot sits at the outside of your correct thigh.

Step 3 – Root into your sit bones and protract your spine.

Step 4 – Turn your body to one side.

Step 5 – Carry your left hand to the floor behind you.

Step 6 – Carry your correct upper arm to the outside of your left thigh. You can lay your hand on your thigh or keep the lower arm lifted straight into the air.

Step 7 – On each breathes in, centre around stretching and lifting.

Step 8 – Curve somewhat more profound to one side with each breathes out.

Step 9 – Carry your look to investigate either shoulder.

2. Bow Pose
This pose is also one of the most important yoga pose to reduce diabetes/blood sugar level. This is a backbend type exercise which stimulates the Abdominal organs which may help you to lower your blood sugar and it also helps relieve in constipation.

source-yoga journal

These Muscles Worked In This Activity

1) gluteus maximus

2) hamstrings

3) quadriceps

4) pectoralis major

How To Perform This?

Step 1. Rests on your stomach.

Step 2. Enable your arms to rest close by your body with your palms looking up.

Step 3. Curve your knees and carry your hands to the outside of your lower legs.

Step 4. Lift up your head, chest, and knees.

Step 5. Inhale profoundly and look forward.

Step 6. Stay in the posture for as long as 30 seconds.

Step 7. On breathe out, discharge the posture.

Step 8. Spot one hand over the other to make a cushion for your temple.

Step 9. Tenderly shake your hips from side-to-side to loosen up your lower back.

3. Upward Facing Dog

This is a backbend type pose and it may require some muscular strength and this pose helps you to reduce diabetes/blood sugar level it also boosts the overall circulation and promote weight loss and it stimulates the abdominal organs.

These muscles worked in this activity

1) gluteus maximus

2)triceps brachii

3)spinal extensors



How To Perform This?

Step 1. Lie on your stomach with your legs reached out behind you.

Step 2. Spot your palms level on the floor. Your lower arms ought to be opposite to the floor.

Step 3. Press into your palms to fix your arms and lift up your body and legs.

Step 4. Go onto the highest points of your feet.

Step 5. Keep a slight twist in your elbows as you connect with your thigh, arm, and stomach muscles.

Step 6. Keep up a solidness in your bum and shoulder bones.

Step 7. Keep your look straight ahead.

Step 8. Relax your throat and neck.

Step 9. Stay in this posture for as long as 30 seconds

4.Plow Pose

Last but not least this is a very helpful yoga pose to reduce diabetes /blood sugar level. So this pose may target your thyroid gland And increase blood circulation and it also helps in reducing stress levels because of its Therapeutic effects may also help in Relieving your backache, headache and insomnia.


These Muscles Worked In This Activity
rotator cuff

1) hamstrings

2) trapezius

3) Spinal extensors

How To Perform This?

Step 1. From shoulder stand, carry your feet to the floor over your head.

Step 2. On the off chance that your feet don’t arrive at the floor, utilize a cushion or square for help.

Step 3. Keep your hands on your lower back for included help.

Step 4. Stay in the posture for 1 to 5 minutes.

Step 5. To discharge, roll your spine down to your tangle and raise your advantages to frame a 90-degree point.

Let your legs down to your tangle.

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