About Ashta Siddhi Yoga

Acquiring the old Yogic Custom, Ashta Siddhi Yoga is a focal point of excellence in India, for the advancement and spreading of spirituality and Yogic Philosophy throughout the world. The actions of the foundation are spread over the globe and many individuals have encountered the advantages out of it. Individuals who are related with the association are perseveringly doing dynamic research for strengthening of Yoga and United Science. The organization offers a number of courses and all the styles of Yogic Philosophy. During our Yoga Teacher Training, the students are given tidy up rooms, bedding and connected western style toilets with hot and cold water. Assessment of the students and their advancement is done by surveying the physical and academic ability of every student alongside their way of living. In this manner, it is guaranteed that every student is completely dedicated to pursue and comply with all rules and teaches of the Yogic Path.

Ashta Siddhi Yoga (A Registered Yoga School), offers Yoga Alliance International certification 200 – 300 – 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training courses situated in Rishikesh and various parts of India

Rishikesh, the city in the northern part of India, is generally known as a sacred place for Yoga. The city is located in Uttarakhand, one of the northern states in India, enclosed by Himalayan peaks and crossed by the wide and holy river Ganges. Rishikesh, “an eternal city on earth” is known as the Yoga capital of the globe. One of the significant reasons is that individuals from everywhere throughout the world visit at this location looking for sacred feeling and mental harmony. This place is brimming with sacred  Ashrams, Yog Shalaas, Temples and many captivating sites.

Ashta Siddhi Yoga ( A Registered Yoga School ), is the only institute which offers Yoga Alliance International certificate for 200 – 300 – 500 Hours Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Indian customs. 


  • Ashta Siddhi Yoga strictly pursues ancient Yogic customs
  • Active evaluation of students and revision is given 
  • Individual consideration and observation to assure appropriate guidance
  • Theoretical perspectives are bolstered with the training 
  • A large number of students have profited from the course in a short period of time.
  • Classes are enhanced with rules and qualities in spirituality.
  • Advantages of becoming a Yoga Teacher: 
  • Unlike some other profession, you can choose your own routine to instruct. 
  • Great approach to get occupied with teaching business.
  • Both instructor and the student similarly gets the advantages of training
  • Shapes a solid body and mind. 
  • For instructors, teaching others and demonstrating itself progresses toward becoming practice. 
  • A decent method of earning a living since training Yoga is unlike for some other subjects. 
  • Customary practice naturally creates moral way of life established with principles


Yoga is a beatified knowledge that has been followed all through the ages. The beginner Yoga course offered by Ashta Siddhi Yoga is a sincere practice involving most of the basic models, asanas, reflection and other important parts of Yoga. Correct mentoring is given to beginners to manufacture the foundation of their Yogic life. The course has been organized in a manner to pass on most favorable circumstances of physical health, emotional wellbeing and flourishing similarly. Experienced Yoga Instructors will share their knowledge about Yogic speculation, its reasoning and functional Yoga with you. This will energize you to get a strong understanding of this ancient learning.



Learning yoga in human life is viewed as spiritual. Normal rehearsing of yoga makes your existence spiritual. Educating Yoga is yet more than this in light of the fact that by turning into a Master in Yoga, you are a part of the Yogic network, the ancient insightful and sacred way.

  • A large number of individuals everywhere throughout the world have acknowledged that yoga has the ability to loosen up the brain, body and soul.
  • Being a yoga instructor, you become like a candle that can bring light inside others.
  • By rehearsing yoga, one can recognize you from the allure on the face, right management of activities, and expression of important words while speaking.
  • As Yoga is a one of a kind mix of both sacred and logical advantages, getting the hang of, working on, Teaching Yoga is viewed as probably the most ideal approaches to earn money.
  • Yoga is additionally a practice to fix different physical and mental illness.
  • Another magnificence of Yoga learning is that it can be instructed and adapted disregarding the age.
  • Helps in weight loss and make the body malleable
  • By instructing Yoga consistently, your body is kept very much constructed physically, free from common sickness.
  • Practicing Meditation in Yoga encourages a great deal to improve one’s self-confidence; attentive breathing all through the training enacts the brain cells. 
  • Yoga encourages one to turn out from the emotional and mental stress.
  • By educating Yoga it ends up becoming customary practice and naturally, peace of mind is developed. 
  • Your way of life changes as per the standards in Yogic way of thinking.
  • Nature of the brain, observational and systematic aptitudes increases, determination helps in increasing the self confidence.
  • An entire positive quality will tail you by rehearsing Yoga routinely, earnestly with the best possible 


To learn Yoga in India, there is a wide range of courses with varying teachers who expertise in different Yogic fields. India is the Birth Land of Yoga. The process of Learning and Teaching Yoga in India has been in practice since ancient times. The location Rishikesh in India makes it impeccable to pursue this holy practice as the locations quite peaceful and calming.  Additionally, Yoga educator instructional classes at Ashta Siddhi Yoga Rishikesh are enlisted under the Yoga Community Global.

India being hearth center to yoga schools and ashrams, all courses offered with Ashta Siddhi Yoga rishikesh are with vast exposure. Since India is regarded with the Yogic proficients who got this wisdom by the specialists of past ages and ages. So it is straightforward for the Indian yoga specialists to explain the speculative thoughts and practices by relating to the old practices and other social and significant preferences.

Close by Ganga River in Tapovan Laxman Jhula, Rshikesh, A real vibe makes the learning ordinary and comfortable. Close by transportation is in like manner more affordable when differentiated and the other remote countries.

The school is Manage by our Yogis Ishan and Siddharth. They are resposible for conducting actions and planning of Ashta Siddhi Yoga.


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Address: Hotel Yuvraj, Laxman Jhula , Tapovan, Jonk, Uttarakhand 249137
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