Privacy Policy

We are glad to invite you at Ashta Siddhi Yoga. We would want to make our experience together as commonly gainful as could be expected under the circumstances and are secured for both the sides. Below are listed our Privacy Policy which we would like you to go through:

What is sexual Harassment?

Physical Sexual Misconduct and Harassment implies any of the accompanying: 

Offensive Physical Sexual Misconduct: 


  • Attempted assault, 
  • Unwanted stroking or undesirable sexual contacting, 
  • Forcing an victim to perform sexual acts, for example, oral sex or entering the victim’s body, or 
  • Penetration of the victim’s body, otherwise called rape/assault.

Harassment  involves:

  • Undesired physical alteration or any unwanted physical contact
  • Unsuitable touch or utilization of body parts during physical alteration. 

 Verbal or Emotional Sexual Misconduct implies: 

  • Use of affecting intimidation, mental power, or control to constrain a victim into non-consensual sex, or 
  • Common utilization of notably interesting vocal explanations or words that make an unfriendly situation for students 

or on the other hand members.

Anticipation of Sexual Harassment in class 

A portion of the coursework, for example, Ashtanga Asanas, Hatha Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga Life Structures, Asana Arrangement and Alteration. Reiki as well as Yoga treatment includes physical help and remedies by the instructor. Corrections and help will be given by utilizing appliances (belts, lashes, mats, covers) and also hands, legs, feet, head, and back of the instructor

The educator can touch, upon approval, the following body parts: 

  • Feet, knees, thighs, pelvis, shoulders, wrists, corps, back, arms, head. Contact performed will be firm, 

The accompanying body parts won’t  be touched: 

  • Buttocks, Breasts, Viscera, Lips 
  • These parts can be touched only if a posture is required to be corrected and  with the assistance of the unique appliances like strapes to 
  • perform right asana posture. 
  • Students will be never touched in areas that are beneath or underneath apparel.

If in case you don’t need the instructor’s help or revision please let us know on the first day of the program so we can let every applicable teacher know. 

If the student feels uncomfortable with the required degree of physical contact, we will discover alternative ways of making similar sorts of rectifications.

Counteractive action of Sexual Harassment outside the area activities, excursions, meals, self study, resting, buying of stuff in the market, shop and so forth should be informed to a member of faculty or directly to the founder.

During any out of class exercises and help staff individuals are not permitted to take part in purposeful bit of students. If there should arise an occurrence of crisis or to prevent an apparent threat, the customer’s body may be touched the accompanying focuses: 

feet, knees, thighs, pelvis, shoulders, wrists, middle, back, arms, neck, head.

Touch (if required) will be performed in a firm, conscious way, without stroking or sexual/erotic massaging. Client will be never touched in areas that are beneath or underneath dress

It would be ideal if you note that India is an extremely customary nation with strict behavioral expectations. Ashta Siddhi Yoga is an instructive and harmonious spot and any sort of sexual wrongdoing towards different students  or Ashta Siddhi Yoga’s staff will be viewed as a violation against the policy.

To abstain any misconception we request you to regard customs of Indian culture, benevolently prompted and mentioned to all the students to wear sufficient humble garments for the classes where buttocks, viscera, breasts, decollate are covered.

In the event that any sort of unseemly conduct is  noticed initiating during the student’s stay in Ashta Siddhi Yoga, Rishikesh. Taking part in deliberate sexual contact with anyone without wanting to his/her will, emotional or physical maltreatment of other student/staff/instructor of Ashta Siddhi Yoga, we have the sole authority to bar you from the school without giving back your course fee. If instance of sexual unfortunate behavior occurred in homeroom against the instructor or staff, the Teacher will have right to stop the class and indicate that he/she is doing the activity 

against the approach of Ashta Siddhi Yoga institute.

Our instructors and staff are told to keep up suitable expert limits 

  • Avoid touching students except if it is important for guidance or immediate help. Our staff will utilize verbal signals and show the postures on their own body. Utilization of physical contact will be done suitably during instructional courses, as a methods for correcting postures and alignment as well as focusing a student’s concentration on the focused on one area. 
  • Inform students about the aim behind mentioning to touch them and locate an option if the student refuses. 
  • Stop any touching in the event that it seems to make the student awkward, regardless of whether they recently gave consent.
  • Touch ought to and will be firm and purposeful. 
  • Never touch a student in areas that are beneath or underneath dress. 
  • Our staff strictly keeps away from and demoralizes any discussion or physical contact of a sexual sort
  • All staff and students making trouble will be recorded in notes and researched.

If in case the staff or instructor are not able keep up suitable expert limits or to work inside the genuine plan of the educator-student relationship, whether because of his own attitude and behavior or those of the student, he/she will allude the student to a suitable expert, for example, another mentor, a therapeutic specialist or an emotional wellness authority.

In all expert and business connections, staff and educators obviously exhibit and bolster honesty, integrity and dependability.

Our staff and teacher never discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, age, physical handicap or nationality

If you think you are the Victim of Sexual Misconduct from the side of our staff or another client, please perform following:

  • The students who believes that they are the casualty of inappropriate behavior, have seen lewd behavior, or suspect inappropriate behavior, should quickly report the asserted act(s). It tends to be done privately and anonymously, by calling the Founder +91-9313846800
  • The information about improper degree of physical contact should be performed quickly or/and after class or/and inside 24 hours. Since the instance of inappropriate level of physical contact occurred, Ashta Siddhi Yoga won’t be in charge of grievances received after the course end date. In case of a mysterious protest, Ashta Siddhi Yoga might be constrained in its capacity to react completely to the episode, including its capacity to seek after disciplinary action against the supposed culprit.
  • Ashta Siddhi Yoga will react instantly and effectively to objections of provocation of sex. 
  • Ashta Siddhi Yoga will instantly investigate all incidents of supposed lewd behavior and will make the suitable move to react to such grievances.
  • In the event that a sexual assault is affirmed, the student will have the choice to leave the school and get a full refund. On the contrary if the student decides to stay but feels awkward in further postures, the educator (staff) together with organizer and student will pick elective methods for making similar kinds of physical modifications. Customer will likewise reserve the option to decline in further assistace during the rest of the course days with no consequences

I have read the Policy for Prevention of Sexual Harassment cautiously, I understood its importance, I had the chance to inquire about and get full answers on them, and I have no more questions.

Changes to the Internet Privacy Statement 

As our institute, membership, and advantages change every now and then, the Internet Privacy Statement is likewise expected to change. We hold the privilege to alter the Internet security proclamation whenever, under any conditions. We will post a notice that the Internet strategy proclamation has been changed by revising the ‘Last Updated’ date on the base of this page. If there is any inquiry or question about the Internet Privacy Statement, send us an email.

What data we gather and how we use it? 

When you peruse our website and don’t communicate with the site for any questions or data, you peruse namelessly. When you peruse, individual data, for example, your name, address, telephone number, and email address isn’t gathered. When you become a registered client on our site, apply for enrollment, participate in online overviews, or leave data on inquiry page, we gather certain individual data from you. The sort of close to personal data gathered will change however incorporates name, address, telephone number, birth date, email address, and other statistic data. 

We don’t gather standardized savings numbers and the sort of data we gather relies upon the administration you look for.

How we utilize individual data? 

  • -Register you for program you have mentioned 
  • -Process, satisfy, and follow-up on enrollment application 
  • -Answer your online queries or messages 
  • -Sending data mentioned by you 
  • -Send and procedure overviews 
  • -Make sure that Our site is applicable for you 
  • -Deliver administrations, for example, pamphlets, gatherings, and occasions 
  • -Notify you about new offers, administrations, projects and occasions

How we utilize your email address? 

The accompanying characterizes how email of individuals who have provided their ID’s to Ashta Siddhi Yoga will be utilized. 

Ashta Siddhi Yoga may send informative messages to individuals and potential students. In any case, we don’t share, exchange, sell, trade or lease your email address to merchants with the goal that they can advertise their items to you. On the off chance that we procure merchants to send messages o our behalf, they are under understanding and restricted from utilizing your email address for some other reason. 

At the point when Ashta Siddhi Yoga sends email to you, we can get the information about your email address, for example, on the off chance that you can look for graphic rich HTML email. On the off chance that your email address is HTML-empowers, we may send you graphic rich HTML email messages. These email messages may incorporate ‘clear GIFs’ or ‘web beacons’ for estimating the adequacy so we can figure out to serve you better. We don’t gather actually recognizable data through clear GIFs or web guides.


With whom this information is shared?

Ashta Siddhi Yoga may often enlist different organizations to give benefits for our sake, for example, mailing and responding to client’s questions, counseling administrations, information displaying, sending postal messages and preparing occasion enrollment. We give these organizations just data that they require for conveying the administration. They are limited from utilizing the data for some other reason.

Ashta Siddhi Yoga may reveal your personal data whenever legally necessary or in the great confidence conviction that such activity is required to: 

  • a. Adjust to legitimate needs or consent to lawful procedure served on Maharishi Yoga Peeth.
  • c. Ensure the individual wellbeing of Maharishi Yoga Peeth faculty or individuals from people in general in earnest conditions.

We will not be in charge of any issues directed by our students in protecting their data. A portion of the occurrences would be the point at which they share a computer with some other individual, leaving the program window open after use, when utilizing a computer in publics spot, and so forth. Our constant administration staff is thoroughly working on understanding and noting our client’s inquiries. Any request for refreshing, erasing or altering customer’s data shall be put to impact as quickly as time permits. We would demand our customers to be tolerant in a similar respect.

The Privacy Policy stated by The Ashta Siddhi Yoga is a property of the organization. They can alter, erase or add any guidelines to its policy. The customers are relied upon to check the privacy policy page consistently. Particularly in the event that when they intend to make any further communications or further remain with us for a course. In the event of any enormous or material change, the organization would attempt steps to inform the customers about the equivalent.


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Phone: 097603 60672, 9313846800