Terms And Conditions

    1. In Yoga Teacher Training School you are learning yoga, yet additionally learning a lifestyle, to get, acknowledge and receive, become a dedicated student and at last a yoga instructor 
    2. School anticipates that every student should acknowledge these terms and conditions, learn to obey them.
    3. School carefully restricts the utilization of any liquor, tobacco, smoke, drugs or any substance of maltreatment, which is hurtful to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 
    4. All students should follow the planned educational program; they should be punctual, and regular in their classes
    5. We advocate for vegan and sattvic diet thus non-veggie lovers should note that non-veg food is rigorously prohibited in the school and during the course. Students would be guided and galvanized to have the veggie lover diet. 
    6. All students of The Teacher Training Course are required to do Karma Yoga (Voluntary administration) atlas one day in a week for two hours.
    7. Carrying mobile phones or any other electronic device for video recordings or any other use are strictly prohibited.
    8. You are required to pay 200 dollars (non-refundable) fees in advance at the time of booking your course while the rest of the fees would be paid on your arrival at School. Cash Payment of the rest of the charges is liked yet in the event that you are paying it through PayPal, at that point you would need to pay 6 % extra as processing expense. You can likewise pay by Debit/Credit card yet you need to pay 3.6 % extra charges. 
    9. All fees paid are non-refundable in any situation that if a student wants to quit or any other reason.
    10. Students ought to understand that every individual is different in his/her own way so final outcomes of every one of you would vary. Your accomplishment in the course relies upon your diligent work, efforts, your capabilities, and the ability of your educator, however we give the best educators and teachers.
    11. The Ashram executives have all privileges to choose and change, whenever (previously or in the middle of the course starts), the venue and accommodation for the course also the daily timetable and diet plan as per the best accessibility and climatic state of the place.
    12. The students are expected to pay full attention to the Acharyas and should not create any disturbance in class.
    13. All students are relied upon to participate in the smooth lead and complete of the course. If a student is found disobeying the rules or found behaving mischievously in class he/she would be expelled from the course and from the school immediately without getting any refund of the course fee. 
    14. Once the course is completed successfully the students will be provided with a certificate from The Yoga Alliance, USA 
    15. If in case you have any correct or had a medical condition in past, if it’s not too much trouble to inform the institute prior to the course. It is firmly prompted that all members have a doctor’s approval with no past known medical conditions which may endanger their full investment in the course notwithstanding if there is any ordinary medication which a members is following according to the solution and has no effect on the course/retreat can inform our instructor before joining the course. All members are required to see after their own wellbeing during the course, including any required drug, specialist’s visits, clinic stays, and so forth. Our school just provides students with first aid in the case of emergency and will help to facilitate your transfer to the nearest medical center/hospital for treatment at your own expense.
    16.  We expect the students to maintain decorum and tidiness in the school and in classes.
    17.  One should respect your fellow mates regardless of their sex, race, age, physical limitations, creed, gender, ethnicity and religion.
    18. We expect the students to respect privacy of the fellow students.
    19. We advise you to regard the neighborhood culture and abstain uncovering clothes and follow the customary Indian yogic clothing 
    20. Maintain a strategic distance from words and activities that comprise lewd behavior or provocation dependent on other lawful ensured attributes. Maintain the customary yoga rule.
    21. Pursue all nearby government and national laws that relate to our yoga educating and business.
    22.  Attendance in all classes, verbal sessions, and meditation sessions is compulsory. The school needs a student to obey the attendance norm which is 99% attendance in class. In case a student is unwell or any other reason he/she is unable to attend the class, the teacher should receive this information prior to the class. In case if a student fails to complete 99% attendance as per the school demands he/she will not be considered eligible for the Yoga Alliance certificate.
    23. Consumption of alcohol, drugs meat, eggs is strictly disallowed in the premises. Pets are not appreciated in the school 
    24. Each person in the school including instructor and students are exclusively in charge of their own lead and unfortunate behavior either inside the class or outside the class. The school is not the slightest bit in charge of any close to home conflicts or conflicts between gatherings of people at any level. We don’t meddle with people and their likings and dislikings, be that as it may, we are especially cautious about anything obnoxious occurring. Anytime on the off chance that we consider any person not to be fit to be in the school we maintain the authority to amenably request that person leave without an justification.
    25. We need the students to not use or bring any illegal medications/drugs, to consume or to distribute among the fellow mates. In the event that you learn of others practicing this kind of illegal practice, taking or disseminating drugs you are obliged to report this to the course chief right away.
    26. No playing high volume music in the dorm after 9:30 pm. If in case a group wants to play loud music they need to get a permit from the faculty.
    27. On Sunday or any other free day students are allowed to explore the city, do adventure and so on, but they need to inform the school management prior to their leaving the dormitory. 
    28. During class breaks students can visit the local markets for purchasing their daily needs keeping in mind that do not to disrespect the class curriculum.
    29. Students are requested to not get involved in any fraud or theft or any other criminal act to any other students or teachers and outside the premises as well. 
    30. Swimming in Ganga river is strictly not advisable as the water level may rise suddenly due the nearby dam and management of Ashta Siddhi Yoga will not be held responsible of any kind of claim.
    31. You will not be entitled for any fiscal pay, neither you nor your relatives or companions will be entitled of any insurance or any financial claim for your sake if there should be an occurrence of any mishap during your stay at Ashta Siddhi Yoga or due to normal catastrophes or Gods act during your whole stay which includes remaining inside premises or day trip/day outing or any night stay composed by Ashta Siddhi Yoga.
    32. During yoga practice there are some asanas/exercise/postures/cleansing procedure which are to be performed accurate and any sort of damage/injury cannot prompt to any money related remuneration, neither you nor your relatives or companions will be entitled of any insurance or any fiscal claim.
    33. Photography, video, audio recording during ceremonies is only permitted with the permission of the management
    34. The Photographs and videos taken by the management of the school will have all the rights to be used on our various promotional sites and will be publish without permission from students, in case if a students does not want to become a part of a photograph or video which will be further used for publications can let the management know in advance.


Address: Hotel Yuvraj, Laxman Jhula , Tapovan, Jonk, Uttarakhand 249137
Phone: 097603 60672, 9313846800